OMG Pendant

The OMG! shade might appear to be made out of an expensive silk fabric; however the OMG! is actually created from reclaimed industrial shades. With the aid of a forklift, blood sweat and tears, the OMG! comes to life in an alluring range of anodized colours! OMG! Patchwork like you’ve never seen before!

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Material – Anodised crushed recycled industrial shades
Anodised Colours – Refer to anodised colour chart page
Lamp Holder – 10 x silver metal E27 (LH04) refer to lamp holder page
Lamp – 5 x Spherical crown mirror (L021), 5 x GLS crown mirror (L019), 10 x Modular CFL Crown Mirrored (LMF-100M-E27-11W)
Cord – 10 x 2000mm fabric cord, refer to fabric cord page
Mounting Plate – Brushed aluminium circular 150mm dia x 55mm high
Dimensions – dia 1700mm, height 350mm
Custom Options – Custom sizes available. Please discuss with designer

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