Volker Haug

The one-off artisanal creations of lighting designer Volker Haug, achieve far more than the luminous transformation of the spaces they inhabit; much like the metaphorical bulb that pops with the impetus of a new idea, they hint at the sublime vision through which Haug perceives his world. He has cemented this reputation in the international design landscape with accessible products that burst with unique personality.

The German born designer has been innately drawn to lighting like a moth to the veritable flame since childhood. This gravitational pull has developed into a professional practice that is typified by a colourful, yet industrial and at times minimalist aesthetic. From the aptly named Sole Trader to the OMG! Shade, Haug is a scavenger of sorts, taking his material inspirations from junk shops to salvage yards. He synthesises the used and unexpected into ingenious sculptures: pendants, lamps and wall lights, which find themselves at home in commercial and residential spaces alike.

The Volker Haug studio and showroom, residing in Melbourne's East Brunswick, is the beating heart of Haug's practice, and is open to anyone keen to experience the wonder and delight that the designer's work injects into a space. Haug is available for the commission of bespoke pieces, and of course the complete range is displayed in the showroom, where visitors can experience the rapturous glow that is the Volker Haug signature.

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My work is not limited to my current product ranges, I am passionate about designing unique and one off pieces as well so whether someone has something specific in mind, they can't find anything they love or if they have no idea where to start and need some inspiration, I can help.


Volker Haug Pty Ltd
Worth Studios
2-12 St Phillip Street
Brunswick East
Victoria 3057

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Ph: +61 3 9387 1803


Paul Allister, Photography
Christian Samson, Identity Design
Brad Betts, Animation
Simon Strong, Website Design 

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