The Balancing Act Appears in Belle Magazine Febuary/March Edition

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Don’t be fooled by the illusion, the new Balancing Act pendant illustrates more craft than magic. This carefully counter-balanced design appears to defy logic, poised in mid-air as the unusual lamp becomes the functional core of the piece rather than simple decoration. Trickery and usefull link canada viagra generic elegance are the stars of this act.

Belle magazine features Volker’s Newest design… The U.L.O

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A new design has landed at the Volker Haug studio… Our U.L.O. (Unidentified Lighting Object) pendant has arrived and is making quite a splash! This bright and bubbly little shade is agleam in spun copper currents, rippling hypnotically outward in a pool of lustrous molten liquid.

This elegant pendant includes a matching canopy fixture, and comes complete with a Volker Haug lamp and coloured fabric cable of your choice. Designed and handcrafted in our Melbourne studio.

as seen on grand designs

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Tyrone and Hailey’s ‘Arch House’ in Warburton, Vic, was featured in series 3 of Grand Designs Australia. The couple used a number of Volker’s designs in their rather impressive home. This months Grand Designs Australia Magazine (August 2013) included a feature on the ‘Arch House’, putting Volker’s designs on their pages.


How we create interviews Volker

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Volker Haug: Light Hearted

Lighting always presents designers with the opportunity to be more daring, to engage in ways you can’t with a chair or a table. Well, they don’t come much more daring (or cheeky) than Melbourne-based designer, Volker Haug. We’ve just unexpectedly popped into your studio, what do we see before us?…

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(small) interviews volker at his studio and alex clark took the amazing shots

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I’ve got a bright idea! How about lighting up your life in a whole new way? Volker Haug is the most innovative light designer in town, and he has a brand new studio in the it's cool viagra brand Abbottsford Convent to envision and execute. His lights are minimalist and industrial in design, and they always, always set the mood. What does Volker do when the lights go out? Keep reading.

Venue Magazine

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…even more these days hospitality venues are trying to look different and have a personal feel…